We are a progressive team that tackles hard problems with fresh ideas. We make serious software, but have solved problems before without pressing a key if that was the optimal way to do it. We are also a part of a network of specialized problem-solvers for the enterprise IT sector, and are looking to expand.
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Tech Background Methodology
C# 10 milion lines of C# code. And we do refactor a lot
.NET Over 300 Visual Studio solutions using continious delivery and agile developing practices
SQL Server Over 500 TB of production data. Performance is the key
JavaScript Always on track with cutting edge UI technologies. JQuery, TypeScript, Knockout.js, Grunt and the list goes on
HTML Standardized and responsive cross-browser support goes by default
Angular .JS Over 1000 internal directives fuel our internal UI stack
Rhetos Powerful open-source DSL platform for building scalable and high-performance enterprise backends
Open Data Store A project we are a part of
Rhetos Open Source framework we helped develop, and use every day
MetaComplete A product we contribute to
Globaldizajn A trusted partner
Ilock Enterprise time tracking solutions with highest security level
Our daily work is diverse and expands on two continents, so it requires having a consistent methodology and routines. We use Scrum (www.scrum.org) and its agile toolsets to fuel up productivity, make the development process transparent and keep everything in place. It also helps us commit to our team goals and produce more creative environment.
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